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Migrating to Australia on a Skilled Migration Visa can seem like a bit of a challenge. The process can seem daunting and confusing at first and in some cases be deemed too difficult to try by some people interested in the idea of working abroad. Regional Development Australia Southern Inland offer two types of Skilled Migration Visa; 187 Employer sponsored visa and 489 state sponsored visa.

Here at RDASI, we have helped many migrants relocate to Australia to start work and begin their journey. Natalia Lurkina travelled from Russia with her partner to Australia on a 489 Visa and relocated to Queanbeyan New South Wales. Listen to her experience to find out how she felt throughout the entire process.

Career Opportunities Follow Skilled Migration

For Queanbeyan based Bobby Varghese, RDA Southern Inland’s sponsorship of his 489 Visa has given him the chance to work in Australia following completion of his Masters of Professional Accounting at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

The 489 Visa allows skilled workers to live and work in specified regional areas in Australia for up to four years. It is a one of the pathways to permanent residency in Australia.

Mr Varghese’s visa was granted on 7 November 2016 and he is currently employed as a Task Manager at Spearpoint Solutions and Technology in Queanbeyan. He is undertaking the Chartered Practising Accountant (CPA) Program and will move into accounts at Spearpoint in the longer term. Learning and increasing his skills and qualifications are important to Mr Varghese.

“I always wanted to get my Masters outside India. I preferred Australia, as the education standards are high in comparison to other countries. I was extremely focused during my studies in Queensland as I knew that if I did well I would have a better chance of getting a job,” he said.

Mr Varghese has a background in finance and also has a Masters in Business Administration.

“I like learning. Studying in Australia is more job oriented and applicable to the workplace,” he said.

Applying sponsorship for his 489 Visa through RDA Southern Inland was a quick and efficient process, Mr Varghese said, and he received his sponsorship invitation within 6 weeks.

He decided on locating to Queanbeyan due to its solid employment market.

“I didn’t struggle to get a job and relocation has been a good experience There is a good sense of community here and everyone is friendly,” he said.

“People [outside Australia] are not as aware of skilled migration opportunities as they should be.”

As for advice for anyone considering skilled regional migration, Mr Varghese believes flexibility is the key.

“There will be cultural differences of course but you need to accept these differences and make an effort to understand the culture.”

Mr Varghese is from Kerala, India and arrived in Australia to study in 2013. His visa was granted in November 2016.

“My family just joined me recently,” he said.

Region gains highly trained software engineer

Indian based software engineer Amitay Isaacs was studying his Doctor of Philosophy in Canberra when he replied to an ad for systems engineering assistance with a rural telecommunications company based in SE NSW.

YLESS4U needed part time specific systems and network administration skills which meant Amitay could still undertake his studies while working. His wife Deanna also worked in sales to help cover Canberra’s high rental costs. 

Amitay’s experience in computer systems and networking, and in high tech innovation and the small business environment, suited YLESS4U’s business operations. YLESS4U is a small rural telecommunications company serving rural and remote areas in SE NSW with high speed data communications via microwave radio links, with a customer base that included research and education organisations.

Amitay quickly became an asset to the company, installing programmed equipment and troubleshooting network problems. With his studies ending, YLESS4U wanted to retain his skillset. Following investigation, YLESS4U found Amitay could be successfully sponsored by YLESS4U through the employer sponsored Regional Skilled Migration Program.

With guidance from RDA Southern Inland, Amitay and YLESS4U completed the paperwork and received prompt feedback and processing of his 189 Visa application. The 187 Visa allows applicants to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.

Amitay and Deanna were proud to receive their permanent residency on 26th June 2012.

Amitay now works as a software engineer with IBM in Canberra while continuing to assist YLESS4U.

YLESS4U is proud to have sponsored Amitay who visits the business regularly to discuss technical developments, and keep abreast of the rapid movement in technology.

Pictured: Amitay and Deanna at their citizenship ceremony.

Career change leads to skilled migration

A desire to change career brought Irish born Mark Donnelly to Australia to study the Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering at the Canberra Institute of Technology. It was a move that led him to Bywong based rural telecommunications company YLESS4U and, in the longer term, RDA Southern Inland sponsorship of his skilled migration application.

Mark began working with YLESS4U after the company placed an ad at CIT offering hands on training and work in a rural environment, with flexibility and the ability for further study. Mark applied. With the assistance, possible in a small business environment and the broad range of work in the expanding high speed radio communications field, it ticked all the boxes.

Working in the rural and regional environment of South East NSW suited Mark. He was interested in the challenges and skill required in providing high speed broadband to businesses and research institutions within the region. He independently and confidently managed the range of work, from customer and storm issues, to repairing cables. He also continued his studies which meant his student visa was coming to an end, and he would need to return to Ireland.

YLESS4U was interested in retaining Mark’s skills and competency, and was aware of the Immigration Department’s Employer sponsored Regional Skilled Migration Program. They contacted RDA Southern Inland which sponsored Mark’s application which was successful. In March 2015, YLESS4U and Mark’s partner Donna celebrated his citizenship ceremony at Canberra University. His parents have visited him in Australia and, in August 2015, he returned to Ireland for the first time since arriving in Australia.

Mark is completing further studies, a Diploma in Project Management to further his career opportunities. 

Pictured: Yless4u operates a rural fixed wireless base site at Mt Fairy, which serves customers requiring high speed symmetrical low latency broadband services in the Mt Fairy and Braidwood regions. Service to the areas were disrupted just after 3pm on the 17th January 2017.  A visual inspection on the morning of the 18th revealed damage to the base site from the fire of the previous day.  Great work by Mark and the team restored services at 11am on the 18th working in adverse very windy conditions. His work was greatly appreciated by the customers in the outlying regions, with Yless4u receiving a number of calls thanking them for the rapid restoration of services.


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