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    28 June 2019
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On Tuesday the 25th of June, Regional Development Australia Southern Inland, (RDA Southern Inland) in partnership with the Southern Region Business Enterprise Centre, (SRBEC), held their third and final business workshop for this financial year.

Seven keen and ambitious migrants who came to Australia on Skilled Migration Visas, attended to learn more about how they could start their own businesses in the region. With their business ideas ranging from carpentry and accounting to handmade leather works, there was no shortage of energy and creativity in the room.

Peter Gordon delivered the workshop presentation and helped guide the attendees through the basic fundamentals of business in Australia, starting with understanding business mentality in Australia. Andrew Haskins from SRBEC and Director of Regional Development and CEO of RDA Southern Inland, Mareeca Flannery, also attended to help answer questions and give further insight into the skills required. With both Andrew and Mareeca having extensive knowledge across the business sector and Peter’s knowledge and experience owning his own businesses and tutoring those who wish to, the migrants were in very capable hands.

Jayde Butz, RDA Southern Inland’s Skilled Migration Officer, also attended the workshop.

“These workshops were aiming to act as a simple guide that was not too intensive or frightening to those who are developing their business ideas. By building up each attendee’s confidence in themselves and their idea, we are hopeful they will continue to pursue their business ideas.”

One couple who attended the workshop spoke about their dream to establish a construction business. Nikola Tarundzioski and his partner discussed how he would be working as the builder and she would be managing the finances of the business. Andrew Haskins added that they could even think about setting up another business which teaches partners, wives and mothers of builders the skills to manage bookkeeping and finances. With this suggestion it meant that there was a potential of two business options for the keen couple.

“We are wanting to make sure that their business becomes not just a short term passion, but a long term vision,” Andrew Haskins explained.

RDA Southern Inland intend to run three more workshops targeted at new migrants in the region, thanks to funding from the Department of Home Affairs Fostering Integration Grants program.

More information on these workshops will be available shortly.


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