Global Business Creates Community Partnership Program with Bombala High School


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    20 January 2015
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The first community partnership program between local global business, Dongwha Timbers and Bombala High Schoo was announced recently. 

This partnership centres around the use of Dongwha Timbers resources to enhance the learning of students by putting the work done in the classroom into a real world context. Phase one of the development is to design units of work in Work Studies, English and Mathematics subjects that relate directly to the Dongwha Timbers workplace. This will include completing required documentation, preparing applications, resumes and cover letters as well as conducting mock interviews for the large number of positions at the firm. There will also be work experience opportunities and site visits to encourage students to realise that their classroom learning is transferable to the workplace.

The development of this partnership is very exciting, particularly as Dongwha are a truly global firm with operations in Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia. In fact over the past few months, the Dongwha Bombala operation has employed over thirty new employees, most of who come from the local area. Dongwha Timbers are also offering Bobala High School students the opportunity to complete School Based Traineeships in 2015-2016. 

Further opportunities that will benefit both parties are envisaged as the partnership develops.

Article first published in the Bombala High School Newsletter.



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