From Adversity Comes Opportunity


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    6 March 2020
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Drought, fires, a potential pandemic and tainted imports have emphasised how fragile our food systems are. By 2050, food consumption demand in our cities will grow by 50%. Our cities need to be smarter if they are to meet future food demands.

 In Canberra, Regional Development Australia (ACT) recognises the opportunities highlighted by recent events and has identified the need for long term, sustainable food systems set up in the immediate regions of our towns and cities. RDA ACT CEO, Michael Claessens, has developed an event that asks the tough questions and takes an in-depth look at future focussed solutions. With support from RDA Southern Inland, Government and recognised industry experts, his team is bringing in over 95 experts from around the country and the world for a two-day feast of thought-provoking discussions and cutting edge solutions on all things food. The 2-day event will take place on April 1st and 2nd at Thoroughbred Park, ACT.

 “With rising ages of farmers across the developed world and agricultural expertise struggling to address climate change, cities must act now to encourage local and urban agriculture," notes global expert and event keynote speaker Henry Gordon-Smith. Michael Claessens agrees. "Australia has a unique opportunity to take the lead. This event is our opportunity to ensure we have truly smart cities that feed its people”.

 The event is the first in Australia to look at a City-Region solution across all sectors of the food chain, from urban farmers and farmers markets to large scale production, transport, dining trends, venture capital, sustainability, consumer education, and business opportunities. The model is a Canberra first, with nation-wide replication already being discussed.

“Canberra alone can save at least $200m a year on their grocery bills with the right economic model” notes the event’s dinner keynote speaker Julian Cribb.

The event runs over two days April 1-2 at Thoroughbred Park ACT. Entry to the trade show is free, and tickets to the event start at just $297. Further details available on the website

The event is proudly supported by ACT government, RDA Southern Inland and Food Industry Leaders.

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