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    5 September 2019
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Garry Kadwell with the Chinese Delegation at Rosedale

On Tuesday the 3rd of September, Regional Development Australia Southern Inland (RDASI) welcomed some special visitors into the region to discuss future prospects for investment. The Chinese Delegation, led by renowned Chinese Shaman Master Leo Fang, came from Sydney, Perth and Melbourne to explore regional New South Wales with RDASI.

After meeting in the Goulburn RDASI office for a welcome lunch, the Delegation was then led by CEO and Director Mareeca Flannery to Crookwell in the Upper Lachlan Shire to be joined by Business Attraction and Development Manager Daryl Smith, Upper Lachlan Council General Manager and RDASI Board Member John Bell, Councillor Richard Opie, Viv Straw Manager of Environment & Planning and Brenda Proudman Economic Development Officer. And what better way to experience the stunning town of Crookwell than to be escorted by local farmer and Chair of the Potato Growers Association, Garry Kadwell who drove the tour bus throughout Crookwell town and his very own potato farm ‘Rosedale’.

On the bus Richard Opie led the conversation by pointing out and informing the visitors of Crookwell’s real estate, schools, tourism spots and more. Once the group arrived at Mr Kadwell’s farm, the first pit stop made was at highest point of Rosedale, to allow for photos and the Delegation to witness his spectacular views overlooking Crookwell of rolling hills, bodies of water, trees and properties. With Crookwell putting on a picturesque day complete with perfect weather, it wasn’t hard to see the possibilities Crookwell has to offer. Mr Kadwell drove the group through paddocks of lush green grass, passing onlooking sheep and the Delegation were even treated to sights of kangaroos. Before heading back into town for a light afternoon tea and discussion, the Delegation were shown the wetlands at Rosedale and were also treated to a bag of the farm’s famous “golden” potatoes.

Overall the day proved to be a wonderful opportunity for RDASI to further their relationship with the Chinese Delegation in which Mareeca Flannery and John Bell had formed through their travels to China in 2018. Investment in the region could help improve tourism, education, employment and help boost the economy in the Upper Lachlan Shire with the councillors, locals, members of the Chinese Delegation and RDA Southern Inland all coming together to work towards the same goal for the region.

“We are excited to see the furthering of our relationships with the Chinese delegation, our aim is to work in partnership with local producers and the Council to build on the work of the last 12 months. Discussions are progressing for growing herbs for traditional Chinese medicine, and developing a Chinese Healing Centre, with Mr Fang” Ms Flannery said. 

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