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Australian Capital Region Food Hub

Projects » Regional Food » Australian Capital Region Food Hub

Australian Capital Region Food Hub

Australian Capital Region Food Hub Event #2 - Wednesday 15 October

More than 60 members of the regional food community attended the second Australian Capital Region Food Hub event and agreed that building a stronger regional food sector with a Southern Harvest brand would be a useful way of identifying local produce.

Hosted by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Southern Inland and Southern NSW Harvest Association, the evening started with Colin McLean, Executive Officer of RDA Southern Inland, welcoming attendees and providing an update of the significant actions undertaken since Food Hub # 1 in June.

"The first Food Hub event in June showed us that there is a lot of confusion in the market place about knowing where and how local food can be sourced by consumers and restaurateurs," said Mr McLean, "so we have developed interactive maps of where local food can be sourced and what support consumers, producers and retailers need to strengthen the local food economy".

The evening continued with Mark Spain, from Urban Agriculture Australia and Penny Kothe from Permaculture eXhange providing an update of the regional producers, suppliers and consumers surveys that have been underway throughout 2014.

To read a complete summary of the event, read our news article Local Food Brand Gets the Green Light.

Food Hub #2 Presentation

Download the presentation slides (PDF 4453KB).





Food Hub #2 Event Feedback Session Notes

It was encouraging to see so many enthusiastic people offering suggestions about how the regional food economy can be pregressed.  

Access the notes from our feedback session here.

Food Hub #2 Event Follow Up

Some of the ideas are currently being addressed by Southern Harvest, RDA Southern Inland (as a result of feedback from Food Hub #1), or are being addressed by other organisations. This feedback will be presented to the new Southern Harvest Committee (to be elected on 5th November 2014) to determine priorities for Southern Harvest in 2015 and beyond.  Our gratitude is extended to everyone involved in generating the feedback.

Australian Capital Region Food Hub #1 Information Session - Wednesday 11 June 2014

Our first Australian Capital Region Food Hub Event took place on Wedesday, 11 June 2014 at the Canberra Business Events Centre. More than 100 people attended the event. 

The event began with Colin McLean, Executive Officer for RDA Southern Inland providing an overview of the role regional food plays in the Southern Inland region. Having set the scene, Colin handed over to Mark Spain from Canberra City Farms and SEE-Change Canberra. (See links to these organisations below). Mark introduced the audience to systems thinking and the term 'bio-regionalism'. and then walked us through the findings from our producer, distributor and consumer surveys. Mark concluded the presentaton by inviting the audince to identify gaps in the mapping and make suggestions on how to make progress towards our own regional food hub. 

Outcomes from the Food Hub event, resources and information about future events and developments will be posted here. Please take a few minutes to look through the Food Hub page and links. There's plenty happening and this is where you'll find out about it. 


Food Hub #1 Event Presentation

A copy of the presentation is available in PDF format here. (PDF 11.6MB Large File).





Food Hub #1 Event Feedback Session Notes

Access the notes from our feedback session here.

Some attendees provided additional feedback at the conclusion of the event.  Access their feedback here.


Get Involved

If you would like to become part of the push to build a resilient local food economy and make local food more accessible, please send an email to and we will keep you informed about progress and how you can help.

Please support the businesses that provided the delicious local food for the Food Hub Event.

The Local Food Initiative Project

The Local Food Initiative project is an undertaking of a group of like-minded community organisations that have come together with the aim to build more resilient local food economies within our region.  The aim of the Local Food Initiative is to identify barriers to local food production and consumption in order to identify practical solutions for producers, retailers and consumers.

Everyone can help by completing a brief survey.  It will only take five minutes and will provide valuable information that will help determine how local food consumption can be improved.  The findings will interest many stakeholders within our region and will assist with building more resilient local food economies.  Please distribute the survey within your network as greater completion of the survey will provide more meaningful results.  Please click on the links below that apply to you:

Food Producers Survey

Food Retailers Survey

Consumers Survey


Australian Capital Region Food Hub Lists 

Australian Capital Region Food Hub Producers

Australian Capital Region Food Distributors

Australian Capital Region Farmers Markets

Australian Capital Region Food Swaps

Australian Capital Region Abattoirs


Regional Mapping

The Australian Capital Region Food Hub has developed a series of maps that will be useful to various stakeholders:

General Information Maps

Australian Capital Region Food Hub Boundary 

Australian Capital Region Local Food Markets - Identifies the location of weekly, fortnightly and monthly markets within the Region.

Australian Capital Region Market Estimate - Provides an estimate of the food market size per Local Government Area within the Australian Capital Region.

Food Production Maps

Australian Capital Region Abattoirs   

Australian Capital Region Dairy

Australian Capital Region Eggs

Australian Capital Region Fruit and Vegetables

Australian Capital Region Meat

Australian Capital Region Other Producers

Climate Maps 

Australian Capital Region Rainfall

Australian Capital Region Frost

Australian Capital Region Soils


Australian Capital Region Food Hub Partner Organisations 

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Southern Inland has a pivotal role in ensuring the sustainability of our region. RDA Southern Inland recognises the importance of retaining our region’s productive agricultural land and our work in this area will be guided by joint principles of productivity and sustainability, in its truest sense.

Southern Harvest is your gateway to a feast of flavours. Extending from the Southern Highlands in the north to the Snowy Mountains in the south, the Southern Harvest region is home to a wide range of producers and culinary adventures. 

Urban Agriculture Australia has a mission  to inform, educate, and demonstrate to our community urban agriculture’s potential, so that the community has control of the most essential items of daily life – secure and healthy food and shelter.

The 'SEE' in SEE-Change stands for Society, the Environment and the Economy. SEE-Change is a community, not-for-profit group that aims to inspire, inform and support action to reduce Canberra's ecological footprint.

SCPA South East Producers supports and promotes sustainable home-based and commercial producers of plants, food, tools and crafts in the south east region of NSW and those providing services that support ecologically sound production practices.

Permaculture eXchange is a registered not-for-profit incorporated (1200439) educational organisation serving Canberra and the surrounding districts. Our passion is helping people establish sustainable agricultural systems (on many different scales) based on permaculture principles.

FuturePLANS (Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability) connect ideas, resources and people for sustainability by fostering projects initiatives and innovation related to sustainability; improving access to available funding and training opportunities and assisting with implementation to help turn projects into reality.


Canberra City Farm is a not-for-profit group establishing learning hubs where the community can creatively share knowledge and experience of socially, economically and environmentally responsible food production and sustainable living.




Follow the links to access a range of reports relevant to the topic of regional food. 

Characteristics of Australian Farmers' Market Report

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation has published a report titled 'Understanding the Characteristics of Australian Farmers' Markets'. Download a PDF of the document here (PDF 1776KB).

Canberra City Farm References

Canberra City Farm has sourced an impressive range of reports and documents. Click here for a link to the Canberra City Farm 'References' page.