Topic 4. Marketing

Topic 4. Marketing


Marketing gets people to your door, sales is what happens once they step inside. The aim of marketing is to let people know about you and your product and create sales opportunities.

Effective Branding

A strong brand allows people to quickly get a feel for who you are, focus your initial marketing on getting your brand right.

Businesses are like people – some are mature and confident, others brash and loud. Imagine your business as a person. Write a detailed description. Go beyond the obvious – what sort of clothes does it wear, what sort of car does it drive? It’s easy to picture the Virgin brand – Richard Branson, on a jet ski, wearing board shorts and a big grin.

Check your branding. Does it align with your business personality? Does it reflect your values? Strong colours, elegant font, funky logo, eco-friendly packaging?

Your Message - What’s So Special About You?

Tell the market what’s special about you and your product. Identify your competitive edge and highlight it in your marketing. Give people a strong reason to buy from you. You don’t have to be the cheapest - people want expert advice, great service, no-fuss shopping and reliable tradespeople!

Call To Action

Marketing has two functions. 1. To inform people about you and your product (message). 2. To get them to respond in some way (call to action). Include a call to action in all your marketing. Go beyond the obvious ‘buy now’ – a print ad may invite the reader to visit your website, a website may prompt a visitor to ‘click here for this week’s special’. Whatever your call to action, make it easy and make it obvious.

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