Regional Employer's Roadshow


  • The Southern Inland region is home to a large number of small businesses and a huge number of business start-ups.
  • RDA Southern Inland is committed to assisting our region’s small businesses succeed.
  • We recognise that a business owner’s time is limited.  Rather than deliver stand-alone events, we have committed to working with the business groups and associations in the region.
  • We invite business groups to consult with their members, identify topics (using the Business Helath Check tool below) and work with us to deliver a Roadshow event.

Roadshow Events

  • Presentations take between 30min to 1 hour, this is sufficient time to cover 1 or 2 topics.
  • The events are free of charge - for both the host association and attendees. 
  • RDA Southern Inland prepares a presentation on the topic(s) requested, customised to your requirements and supplies relevant resources.

Your Commitment

  • We expect you to promote the event. 
  • We ask you to ensure RDA Southern Inland is recognised as the event sponsor in your marketing collateral.
  • You provide a meeting venue, any refreshments and presentation equipment (screen, data projector, microphone if required). RDA Southern Inland will supply a laptop and can supply a data projector if required.

How to Book Your Roadshow Event

  • Select the topic(s) of most interest and value to your members. 
  • To book an event, or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact Donna on (02) 6297 0933 or via email

Business Heath Check

  • To assist your members identify the topics of most value to them, we have prepared a simple Business Health Check quiz.
  • The quiz will identify gaps and help highlight the areas of highest priority. 
  • Download the quiz here


Topic 1                The Power of A Plan

Topic 2                Evaluating Your Offer

Topic 3                Business Systems

Topic 4                Marketing

Topic 5                The Power of Numbers

Topic 6                Work On Your Business

Topic 7                Developing You and Your Team

Topic 8                Risk Management

Topic 9                Sustainability

Topic 10              Digital business, Leveraging Technology